When you look at the list of games on offer for Xbox fans to buy, you will find that they cover a great range of genres. There is pretty much something for everyone out there.

The main focus is usually games that have been around for many years, or similar ones that are trying to emulate what another game has achieved. We also see some new titles focus on current trends and the way in which the world is developing.

But where will game developers go next when they are in search of their next big new idea? It will have to be something that is on point and something that interests a lot of people and for that reason it could be casino gaming.

The Rise of Casino Gaming

One of the main reasons why we could see a game based on casino play in the future is simply because this is becoming a huge industry. We are seeing more and more players around the world turn to online casino gaming as a hobby.

From slot games to playing card games such as roulette and blackjack to the brand new way of playing which is live casino gaming, where a dealer will hand out cards or spin the roulette wheel for you. This is all incredibly popular with players, and on the rise.

The reason for this popularity is because casino gaming has turned itself into a very convenient pastime. No longer do you need to visit a casino to play, you don’t even need to be at home. Mobile gaming, something that Xbox creators are looking to tap into, means that you can play casino games from anywhere.

What Kind of Casino Game Could be Made?

There are a few options here, this all depends on what way the developers want to go and what type of gamer they want to attract.

The simplest idea that would appeal to gamers would be to have a casino game where your goal is to earn cash, and perhaps then use that to buy items such as a house and car. This would be you living the life of a career gambler, who heads to the casino to try and win more money to fund their lifestyle. Think of this as The Sims, but your character goes out to play in a casino to win money so they can improve and upgrade their house.

Alternatively, if the developer is looking to get casino gamers on board, this could simply be a casino style game where you visit the casino and choose what game you want to play. There could be a range of slots to choose from, including those that offer big jackpots, while you could also play table games to try and win such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

If developers didn’t want to base their full game around casinos then we could see a game created where casino gaming is just one part of it. This would still no doubt appeal to gamers out there, while also giving casino gamers the game they have been looking for, even if there are many other elements to it.

Will a Game Completely for the Adult Market Work?

The one potential stumbling block out there is that this would have to be a game that is purely developed for adults, and that may put some people off. However, if there was going to be a market for the adults and games could be created specifically with them in mind then this is the time to do that.

We are seeing a big rise in things like eSports and for that reason, more people are turning to gaming. People are also looking for ways to relax and enjoy themselves at home, rather than going out so this is another reason why this could work, especially now.

Of course, anyone who decides to make a game for the new Xbox Series consoles that is solely based on casino gaming would be taking a huge risk in doing so.

Not only would they have to cut out a huge part of the market, the under 18s, but they know that this topic would not be popular with some players. It is a risk, but having said that, if there was a time when this would work, then it appears to be now, with plenty of focus on casino gaming and plenty of adult gamers out there.

Time will tell if this ever gets off the ground, but it is certainly an idea that should be considered by the many game developers we have around the world.