Ever since Microsoft first teased the world with the prospect of the next generation Xbox at last June’s E3 gaming convention, rumours have been rife about what features it will have. 

As we slowly move closer to its launch, more and more details are gradually emerging about what we can expect from the console that we now know will have the official title Series X. We even have a probable launch timeframe – somewhere around Thanksgiving at the end of November, in good time for the Black Monday and Christmas sales periods.

Many people are eager to find out exactly what’s in store for them with the new console, not least visitors to sites like https://www.online-casinos.com/games/ who would like to know whether there will be online casino games for them to play and also whether they’ll be able to access these sites too.

We’ll get on to these questions shortly, but first a little about what we have learned about the new console.

Better and more immersive than ever

Obviously, the first question to answer is whether it’s going to be more powerful than its predecessor – and the answer is an emphatic “yes”. Head of development for Xbox, Phil Spencer, has stated that it will be four times more powerful in order to create “more immersion, more exploration, and more detail”.  Huge emphasis has also been placed on reducing load times with the intention that they may be eliminated altogether.

The graphics have also been seriously upgraded to deliver 8K gaming. While most of us don’t have access to the sorts of screens to make the most of this, it does show that the console is being future proofed for the time when these become more affordable. The use of  variable refresh rates as well as HDR means that, whatever the screen, the visuals promise to be the most stunning ever.

With the internal workings including so much extra power that’s going to mean huge heat generation, But the tower-style construction will allow for a super-efficient fan that will draw cool air up from the bottom and which is said to be the quietest cooling device yet in  a Microsoft console.

Putting players in control

Moving on to the new wireless controller, the ergonomics team have really gone to work on this making it smaller, more tactile and more comfortable to use. There’s the addition of a “share” button that makes capturing screen shots simple and it also appears to be rechargeable via a USB-C connection.

As for the games, at the announcement event Microsoft demonstrated the console using Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, the sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and it’s likely that 

there will be new versions of games like Forza and Minecraft in the works.

When it comes to whether there will be any casino games in the initial line-up, no one can be sure. After all, of the many genres the casino game has been one that has been relatively under-represented in the past. Games like Four Kings Casino and Slots and Prominence Casino time?

Poker have been among the most prominent titles and have provided a close approximation of the casino experience without actually nailing it.

But it is surprising that, given the global popularity of online casinos, more has not been done to bring them together with the Xbox world. 

However, some have found the moves by Rockstar Games to introduce gambling and casino action into their titles a very encouraging sign. First, in Red Dead Redemption 2 poker games were neatly woven into the action and as a way to win money. Then, in June of last year at around the same time that the Xbox Series X was introduced to the world, it was announced that GTA5’s Diamond Casino and Resort would open, which it did, a month later.

Praised for its realism and the extra dimension that it added to the game, there was a real feeling that this could have been a turning point for casino games on the Xbox. So we’ll just have to wait and see whether Rockstar or any other games developer decide to take things further.

Were actual online casino games made possible on the new console, it would certainly be a popular move for players. The action would look better than ever and the experience would be super immersive. As creating the same feeling as being in a “bricks and mortar” casino has always been the aim of their online versions, this would mean a great stride in this direction.

One issue, however, is that different laws apply to online gambling in different countries but the Xbox is a global brand. So squaring that particular circle could prove to be a little problematic.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot to look forward to with the arrival of the Series X. And, given the many advances that are promised, few will object to the price tag that’s set to be in region of £500. If it does also give players the chance to visit online casinos, that really would be a small price to pay.