Currently free-to-play, World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition looks set to receive a substantial update and will also see a retail starter kit roll into battle.

The Soviet Steel content update will bring 29 new USSR vehicles to war with a mixtue of tank destroyers and light, medium and heavy tanks all included. This will set the roster to well over 150 vehicles giving something for near enough everyone. The Soviet Steel pack is set for a June 3rd release.

Additionally, the Combat Ready Starter Pack will be available this August and will contain a feast of in-game gold and other goodies, all for a discounted £15.99 with the following Included in the package:

· The premium Panzer 38H Tier II German light tank, famously known for its heavy armor and quick firing gun.
· 3 days of premium account time granting 50% boost in accumulated Silver and experience.
· 200,000 in-game Silver.
· 1500 in-game Gold.
· 30-day voucher code for Xbox Live Gold status.

War just got even better!





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