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Over the last few years the Xbox team have gone all out to ensure that us Xbox gamers are able to play a huge range of titles, no matter which console they originally released on. Backwards Compatibility is therefore a massive tool in the Xbox gamers’ arsenal, no matter whether they are looking to head back and mop up some tasty achievements, or finally find the time available to spend with something that passed them by the first time around. With Xbox Series X|S though, that back-compat system is better than ever, especially now that Team Xbox have started the push of a new FPS Boost to a number of games. 

Xbox Series X|S provides increased CPU, GPU and memory functions, and that means the wizards behind Back-Compat can utilise those tools to ensure older Xbox games look better than ever before. And that is where FPS Boost comes in. 

FPS Boost sees those in the know able to employ a variety of new methods that nearly double – and sometimes quadruple – the original framerate. Present on select titles right now, this means that those games will play buttery smooth, better than at any time in the past. 

The first set of FPS Boosted games are now confirmed and come later in the Spring, should you have old dusty copies of Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4 or Watch Dogs 2 to hand, then you’ll find the magic within. As the Xbox Wire states, New Super Lucky’s Tale can run at 120 frames per second whilst UFC 4 delivers improved frames more specifically on Xbox Series S, pushing out 60fps. 

With more games due to gain access to the power of FPS Boost in the weeks and months ahead, it’s looking to be an even better time to be an Xbox gamer than what we first thought. 

To discover how the FPS Boost works for your game, once a new system update hits in the Spring you’ll be able to head to the ‘Manage Game’ section and toggle on FPS Boost or Auto HDR in the Compatibility Options. To make sure you know what is what there will be a specific FPS Boost indicator in play whenever you hit your Xbox button on the controller.

You’ll then be able to decide if you wish to play it old-school, or with the new power of Boost in tow.  No matter what you use Backwards Compatibility for, the introduction of FPS Boost is sure to mix things up even more, making those older titles even more tempting. Let us know in the comments which will be the first game you fire up to make use of the new technology. 

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