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The orc-slaying mayhem must continue and today Robot Entertainment are ensuring that Orcs Must Die once more, with the third instalment of their award winning series. Yep, Orcs Must Die! 3 is now available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. 

Previously having launched on Google Stadia, Orcs Must Die! 3 now finds a home on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC through Steam, as players get the opportunity to embark on all-new War Scenarios as they utilise new traps and machines in order to defend themselves from the Orc hordes. 

Keeping their rift safe is the key for any Orcs Must Die! 3 players, and with both solo and online cooperative gameplay present, doing so can happen via a variety of paths. For instance, you can drop arrow walls, spike traps, tar pits and gravity-defying pick ’em up traps that will fling any Orc left, right and centre. But it’s not just about the traps – you’ll need to get down and dirty with these guys too, going close up to complement any trap-based mayhem that is unfolding.

With a new story to take in, the addition of the Drastic Steps campaign for good measure, a Scramble Mode, upgrades aplenty and more, the arrival of Orcs Must Die! 3 and the end of that Google Stadia exclusivity should be something many will find appealing. 

Those key features include:

  • More of Everything – Orcs Must Die! 3 is everything fans loved about the first two games and more.
  • New Story – Play through a brand new story set more than 20 years after Orcs Must Die! 2.
  • War Scenarios – All new War Scenarios deliver on the promise of massive scale first set out in Orcs Must Die!
  • War Machines – You’re going to need new weapons of death and destruction to handle these hordes.
  • It Never Stops – The legions of orcs keep coming long after the story is completed.
  • Take Drastic Steps – Orcs Must Die! 3 comes with the Drastic Steps campaign and content for free.
  • Scramble to Survive – The new Scramble Mode pits you against vile orcs who evolve with increasingly difficult and sinister tricks up their chunky sleeves

We’re currently working on our full review of Orcs Must Die! 3 on Xbox Series X|S (yep, this comes fully optimised for the next-gen) and will deliver our thoughts as and when we can, letting you know whether this is worthy of the £24.99 asking price it comes with.

If you wish to join us in the slaying of some Orcs though, get over to the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or Steam right now. Dropping traps may never have been so good…

Game Description:

Orcs Must Die! 3 ushers orc-slaying mayhem to a previously unimaginable scale. Solo or with a friend by your side, arm yourself with a massive arsenal of traps and weapons. Slice, burn, toss and zap hordes of repugnant orcs in this long-awaited successor to the award-winning series. New to the series, War Scenarios pit players against the largest orc armies ever assembled. Mountable War Machines give players the essential firepower to heave, stab, carbonize, and disarticulate the abominable intruders.

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