What’s that? Let me take a closer look… oh my god it’s JAWS! Grab the harpoon, some dynamite and a rocket launcher; we need take it down once and for all! Oh, it can’t hurt us actually; it’s just a trailer for the upcoming Jaws Pinball, so only our shiny balls are at risk. Phew. Want to see it?

The brand new trailer is for one of Zen Studios upcoming tables, Jaws Pinball, which will release as part of the Universal Classics Pinball collection – also including tables based on Back to the Future and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – for Pinball FX3 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Back to the matter at hand, and it’s never safe to stay in the water for long, not with that terrifying great white shark lurking around. Based on the massively popular film from 1975, Jaws Pinball brings a pinball experience which will let you relive the best moments of Jaws. Play the Jaws Main Modes to terrorise the local residents and tourists of Amity Island as the shark, or alternatively find and defeat the beast of a shark in Quint’s Main Modes. There’s even a Raging Sea mode where the table becomes unsteady and the sea takes control!

Excited much, or slightly scared? Don’t tell us yet; wait until you’ve had a chance to watch the trailer showing off some of the gameplay…

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