Merge Games have announced yet another partnership, this time to publish a zany top-down shooter with an 80s vibe, from Finnish studio Still Running, on Xbox One. It’s the totally Radical Edition of The Walking Vegetables!

Mutated fruit and veg are on the rampage, forcing you take action and battle them in this twin-stick shooter, armed with just a simple pistol initially. Your arsenal can be upgraded though as you uncover a multitude of weapons and gadgets whilst taking down these lethal zombie foods. Journeying throughout cities, you’ll be required to save mankind by defeating the end of level veggie kingpins and going gung-ho on the formidable alien mothership that’s full of these altered vegetables. A friend may need to lend a hand too, ensuring there’s double the fire-power for the task.

There’s plenty of content in The Walking Vegetables, with each playthrough merely scratching the surface on what it has to offer due to the randomized buildings, sections, enemies, bosses, weapons and items. Combined with the abundance of achievable skills and unlockable goodies, there’s a good chance you’ll be entertained for ages.

The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition is set for release on Xbox One this fall, but for now, check out this little teaser trailer…

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