borderlands 3 gold weapons

If you’re loving the madness that Borderlands 3 brings, then you’ll quite probably be well up for adding in new exciting content to your game. Today we see no less than five new DLC packs arrive for Borderlands 3, with some sweet cosmetic and weapon additions included.

Priced up at £3.99 each, the latest additions to the Borderlands 3 world should ensure that there is ever more reasons to drop back into the land of Pandora, as would be Vault Hunters get the opportunity to kit themselves out with some of the very latest gear – new retro and neon cosmetics, some stunning new weapons, and a smattering of gold skins.

The Cosmetic packs are the headlining acts of these latest drops and we see the Retro Cosmetic Pack and the Neon Cosmetic Pack both in place. These add in Retro and Neon Vault Hunter heads, skins, Echo Device skins and weapon skins. And without doubt, the Neon offerings in particular look stunning.

Further to those though and we also have numerous weaponry options, as the Gold Weapon Skin Pack contains a gold weapon trinket and gold weapon skins, whilst the Gearbox Cosmetic Pack ditches the bling to deliver an old-school metal vibe. Finally the Toy Box Weapons Pack adds in even more fun, mostly in the form of a super-soaker, with Toy Guns that each deliver unique effects, a Toy grenade mod and a Toy weapon trinket included.

The base Borderlands 3 game is one of the very highest quality – check out our review – and really is a game that you need to take in asap. With it in place though, there’s nothing to stop you going all-out with the madness by adding in some of these latest DLC packs. Let us know in the comments which you decide to pick up. For us, it’s all about the neon and the gold!

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