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A dating sim that values friendship? Mask of the Rose is detailed for PC and console | June 2023 release confirmed

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Update – Mar 20th 2023…

Mask of the Rose has now been set with a June 8th 2023 release date. Take in the trailer if you like.

Original article – Feb 10th 2022…

The vast majority of dating sims that are on the market throw the main focus on attraction. Mask of the Rose however values friendship just as much as that visual appeal. Just as a demo becomes available on PC through Steam, full details of a console release for Mask of the Rose emerge.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may well wish to try a dating sim that values friendship as much as attraction. If that’s the case then Mask of the Rose is sure to be for you.

Available from today as a demo on Steam, the full PC release (Steam and GOG), as well as a Nintendo Switch drop is looking likely to occur in late October or early November of 2022. After that, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 versions are planned.

In Mask of the Rose, you can pursue romantic love or take a different approach: brief liaisons, asexual relationships and platonic connections are all possible within the story, with equal opportunities for all genders to seek whatever kind love they’re after.

“In Mask of the Rose, achieving a trustworthy, enduring friendship can be a final gameplay goal – which gives us more room to illustrate the complexities of relationships,” says creative director Emily Short. “Not everyone experiences attraction, or experiences it in the same way; not everyone is looking for a romantic connection. And some players simply prefer not to play romantic storylines. “If Mask of the Rose were simply a romance simulator, it might not be possible to build it in a way that would speak to those players. But it is a game about love, which is a different beast – and we have a lot of kinds of love story to tell.”

Mask of the Rose is a visual novel set in Fallen London; an already richly developed setting. Here though Victorian London was stolen by bats and dragged to a cavern underground.

“We’re exploring an intimate view of our setting which we haven’t shown before. The characters are figuring out what they want from life after a seismic change. The fabric of strait-laced Victorian society has started to fray, and we’re able to show how different characters respond. Like your roommate Griz, who is finding a lot more opportunities open to her than when she was pigeonholed as ‘Miss Grizelda’.” adds Communications Director Hannah Flynn. “Unlike our previous games, we have a first person view of the city; we see inside people’s homes, in their bedrooms. It’s also a more compact story: a marvellous romance, with a whodunnit plot. It’s a perfect introduction to the Fallen London universe.”

You can grab that demo from Steam today. Give it a whirl and then hold tight for PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation launches to follow.

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