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A Low Story narrative plays out on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

low story
A Low Story is on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

After being dropped from the top of a building, Low wakes up in a dark world, looking for revenge. It’s that which makes up the main focus of Low Story as it releases on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. 

Having previously released on PC via Steam in 2021, Low Story now comes to console. It’s available, as we speak, on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S thanks to the Dolores Entertainment team – they previously behind the likes of Alterity Experience and Super Trunko Go. You’ll also find Low Story on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch too. 

A Low Story – now on console

Low Story centres on Low, a little guy chucked from the highest of buildings, left to fall to their doom. But wake up they will, working the streets they now call home, all in hope of gaining revenge on those who have previously delivered the hurt. 

It plays out as a 2.5D adventure. And as with most 2.5D adventures, Low Story on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC will come with all the action you could want. As well as the platforms. And the puzzles. 

A download from the Xbox Store will cost you £6.69, with an initial launch discount dropping that down a little more. From there, you can play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. PlayStation, Switch and PC (Steam) folk will find Low Story on their own storefronts. 

We’re looking to review Low Story on Xbox as soon as possible. Stick around for that. Until that time, get into the comments and let us know your thoughts. 

Low Story on Xbox Game Description

“Low” is thrown out of a window onto the street to be abandoned. After his fall and getting back together, he decides to take revenge on those who hurt him at all costs. With this premise begins a 2.5D adventure with action, platforms, and even some puzzles, very fun and challenging.

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