With GTA Online releasing new content on a near weekly basis, it’s not surprising that there’s has been another new announcement for more content that has now arrived in GTA Online. So here is a breakdown of everything you can expect to find in GTA Online when you next log-in.

First up this week is the arrival of the new Declasse Scramjet, a low to the ground speed machine that will be sure to turn heads as you take to the streets of San Andreas in style. This nifty little vehicle will demand a place amongst your finest vehicles and should you be able to afford the premium price then you’ll no doubt want to jump on this as turbo-boost equipped beast that is available now from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Next up is the Hunting Pack Adversary Mode – Hunting Pack (Remix). This mode will pit two teams against one another as one team of Defenders in Vigilantes and their Runner in a Dune MTL to try and outrun the team of Attacking Scramjets that look to stop the Dune MTL from reaching the deactivation zone at the finish line.

Hunting Pack (Remix) is the first of four planned reimagined game modes that look set to bring their own unique twists to GTA Online, and this week those who jump in to Hunting Pack (Remix) will find Double GTA$ & RP available for the reimagined game mode.

What’s more is those who have been making the most of the recent nightlife in GTA online will continue to find new ways to boost popularity with their Nightclub as this week sees a continued 2x boost on all Nightclub Popularity.

Finally, players who log-in this week will find themselves able to redeem a free Hunting Camo livery for the Mammoth Avenger and Bucking Akula by doing nothing more than booting up GTA Online. And as always, this week brings a selection of fine deals and heavy discounts, this time for the wide range of weaponized vehicles and luxury aircrafts that can be found within the game including:

  • Debauchee Vagner – 30% off
  • Truffade Nero – 30% off
  • Progen GP1 – 30%
  • Vapid Flash GT – 30% off
  • Benefactor Turreted Limo – 30% off
  • BF Ramp Buggy – 30% off (Buy it now & Trade Prices)
  • Vapid Caracara – 30% off
  • Mammoth Avenger – 40% off
  • Buckingham Akula – 40% off (Buy it now & Trade Prices)
  • Mammoth Hydra – 30% off (Buy it now & Trade Prices)
  • Western Rogue – 30% off (Buy it now & Trade Prices)
  • Volatol – 30% off (Buy it now & Trade Prices)
  • Negasaki Havok – 30% off (Buy it now & Trade Prices)
  • Buckingham SuperVolito – 30% off
  • Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon – 30% off

So that’s everything players have to look forward to in GTA Online this week. If any of that takes your fancy, why not jump and reap the rewards whilst the fantastic deals last.

Are you going to be getting involved in GTA Online? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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