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Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers Review


We first became aware of Edifier as a brand a year or so ago, all as we stuck the Edifier GX Gaming Headset on our head. There were elements of that headset we absolutely loved, but issues meant it wasn’t something we could use on the daily. 

There’s no doubt that aesthetically, Edifier know their stuff, continuing to excel design wise with their G2000 Gaming Speakers. Frankly, these look stunning sat on a desk (we’ve had them sitting either side of a dual-monitor set-up on our EZ Desk Carbon Edition), hooked up to a laptop or PC, delivering some really nice audio to the ears. In fact, no matter whether a minimal or flashy light-fuelled set-up is your bag, we’ll highly advise you to chuck these on your consideration list. 

Stock image - The G2000 Gaming Speakers look good in white
Stock image – The G2000 Gaming Speakers look good in white

The Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers are a set of permanently attached speakers that should well ensure your gaming sessions are heightened. Connected by a single cable (180cm) between the two, one of those units works as the ‘master’ device, with the other slaving away to ensure some audio balance. All inputs and controls are found on the singular device, meaning that we’ve found it best to keep that one just within reach. 

Running a chalky white and silver design (an all-black option is available), each speaker sits on a set of four rubber pads on the bottom. These ensure they stay put on any desk, rising from the platform with a slight hexagonal design. Curves and edges work well visually, with G2000 and Edifier logos pride of place, situated on the front and down one side. For the most part it’s just those logos that break up the white slabs, complementing the dark open front-facing speakers nicely. Yes, Edifier – again – are here, proving their worth in how to put a product together. Coming in with dimensions of roughly 10cm wide, 13cm high and 10cm deep, these are a well crafted set of duo speakers. 

But they aren’t just for looking good. They sound excellent too. To our tastes, the G2000’s are nice and bassy, filling a room easily without ever having to take them up to top volume. For the most part they stay clear in that audio too, covering levels that you’ll appreciate, no matter whether you’re listing to music, watching YouTube videos or playing games. Perhaps, going to 11 and beyond sees some muddying (we’ve mostly found this with vocal audio accompanying a bassy soundtrack at full volume), but you’ll very rarely ever go up that high. We only did so for testing purposes, and aside from that, preferred to run at a more acceptable level. 

Edifier G2000 speaker review 3
Simple, easy to use controls

Edifier pretty much have your back in terms of connectivity too. Generally speaking, we’d say that these are best suited to a desk-based PC set up, running USB-A (a cable length of 1.2m) into the device of choice. But if you prefer to utilise a 3.5mm aux-in cable (a cable of 1.3m in length is included in the box), or Bluetooth capabilities, you can do so. Honestly, playing Game Pass titles on our phone, Bluetoothing things in to the G2000 has been our go-to over the course of the last few weeks, with stable connections at all times. Is there any lag through that? Perhaps just a tad, but it’s nothing to get too worried about. Obviously these are no good for mobile gaming and playing on the go, mostly as the G2000’s need a power supply to work, but if you’re sat at home and fancy a quick mobile-based Game Pass session, there’s next to no reason to not connect your phone to the G2000’s and power on through. 

And no matter which of the connectivity options you run, controls are simple. Sitting on the external of one speaker is a little volume switch, a ‘Game’, ‘Music’ and ‘Movie’ mode button for your preference, and the power button. That power button also helps cycle through the aux, Bluetooth and USB connections. It’s all very simple stuff, but does the job nicely. 

There’s more though and much like how Edifier lit up the late-night gaming sessions with some fancy lighting on the GX Gaming Headset, the same is true here. There are a dozen different lighting effects found on the G2000 Gaming Speakers, pushed out through some LED strips placed along the backend of each unit. Capable of being switched off fully, you’ll also find five solid colours available (we like the Xbox green for obvious reasons), a similar number of pulsating colours and then a cycle of the rainbow. It’s a nice touch and means that if you’re one of those gamers with lights coming out of your ears, the G2000 will fit your set-up well. Again, all of this is controlled via a single hold of a button on the side of the speaker. 

Edifier G2000 Speaker review 1

So, ultimately, what does all this mean? Well, we’d go as far to say that if you are in the market for some desktop-based speakers, and occasionally want to use those same audio providers for Game Pass and mobile gaming, you should really crack on with purchasing the Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers – or at the very least, sticking them on a consideration list. After a good few weeks of use, we’ve struggled to find many (read: any) real issues, with just a bit of muddy sound seeping through at very top end volume levels being a let-down. Honestly though, the G2000’s are so loud, you’ll rarely feel the need to push them to those utter limits. Once set-up, they’ve gone about their business without fail, pushing out some seriously bass-filled audio in the process and whilst we’d go with the white version that we’ve been using, if black is your bag, you’re equally covered. 

Huge thanks go out to Edifier for providing us with the G2000 Gaming Speakers for review. Hit up Edifier direct or pay a visit to Amazon. You should expect to pay around £90. 

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