It’s been another seven days crammed full of new Xbox news, reviews and videos…but which were our favourites? Let us take a look at the best Xbox news from the 11th-17th Oct 2015.

Get an Eagle’s eye view of London with Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate!

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is very nearly with us and Ubisoft are quite obviously keen to promote the game in any way possible.

Strapping an action cam to the back of a Bald Eagle prior to sending it soaring and swooping over the UK capital’s most famous landmarks however is something we didn’t expect!

Check out Trafalgar Square, City Hall, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and more as Ubisoft treat us to an Eagle’s Eye view of London, just before we get to finally check out AC Syndicate on Xbox One for real!

Eagle Vision BTS Sidney and camera

The Walking Dead Season 1 now free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 thanks to Xbox Games With Gold for October

What would we do without the Xbox Live Games With Gold scheme? Bringing us four free games each and every month, the scheme is a god-send to all Xbox Live Gold members, giving them a chance to get something back for free as opposed to spending the usual huge amounts of cash on a new game.

October is now in full swing and the free Games With Gold titles have just changed. Out goes Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, with The Walking Dead Season One having its price slashed to nowt for the next few weeks.

If you have a Gold subscription, don’t forget to go and grab your free games now. If you don’t have one, then what the hell are you waiting for… 12 month subs are super cheap at the moment!

twd season 1 pic 1

Battlefield Hardline now available for free on Xbox One thanks to EA Access!

The EA Access scheme is, in our opinion, a must have. For a tiny yearly subscription price, Xbox One owners who take out a pass for the scheme get treated to not only discounts on all EA titles and all downloadable content, but every now and then a new title drops into the EA Access Vault as a free-to-play title.

This last week has seen Battlefield Hardline appear in the Vault and whether you’re after a solo campaign or some multiplayer match ups, it is certainly something most Xbox One owners should be playing.

There’s no rush to get your download rolling as it looks set to be present in the Vault for some time yet, but hey, why wait when something this good is free?


Elite: Dangerous Review

Many reading this would have grown up with Elite. Many however wouldn’t, but no matter which camp you fall into, Elite: Dangerous is now out on Xbox One and well worth a look.

Admittedly, it’s all a bit intimidating to the newcomer and you won’t be able to just hop into your ship and blast away for five minutes are a time. What you will get however are some glorious space dogfights, beautiful visuals and a stunning soundtrack holding it all together. You’ll also find many many worlds that need exploring and many more that you possibly should think twice about checking out!

Just be sure you have plenty of hours spare to invest into the space sim…it’s going to require you get yourself settled in for some time yet!

elite dangerous review pic 2

Rugby World Cup 2015 Review

The world is currently in the grip of Rugby fever, so what better time than now to release a new Rugby World Cup title on Xbox One?

The problem however is this. Is Rugby World Cup 2015 on Xbox One worthy of the name, worthy of the price and worthy of a download? We took some time to check out the game and you can read our full thoughts right now. We think it’s safe to say that if EA or Konami even hinted they would be treating football this way, there would be uproar!


That’s it from us for this week. Do you agree with our choices? Did we miss anything big? Let us know in the comments below.


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