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DIRT 5 is due to launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come October 16th, with an Xbox Series X, PS5 and Google Stadia edition dropping slightly later. But it won’t just be about the racing, as Codemasters have today revealed all the tools you’ll ever need to create, share and discover your own playground in the Custom Arena mode.

The world will soon be your playground in DIRT 5, and the new Custom Arena mode promises to let you do what the hell you want, designing, creating, editing and racing on all manner of custom arenas before sharing it fully with the world.

With a massive suite of objects from bumps, kickers and ramps, to loops, tunnels and rings of fire, players can get creative with endless possibilities. For instance, start with a blank canvas inside the iconic Cape Town Stadium in South Africa or take to the open space of the Arizona desert and from there you can get involved in exciting game modes:

  • · Gate Crasher – A high-speed checkpoint dash through strategically placed gates. While it sounds simple, after adding loops and other obstacles, the challenge increases ten-fold.
  • · Gymkhana – Create a high-skill, fast-thrills arena peppered with drifts, donuts, and trick objects placed with precision for the perfect challenge. Players are rewarded for speed and style.
  • · Smash Attack – The ultimate four-wheeled hide and seek. Strategically position smashable objects and define a target score. Players must find and collect all objects in the fastest time possible.

Once you’re done with your design, having choosen a vehicle, completed the event, and created a thumbnail using the in-game Photo mode, it’ll be time to upload, letting others from around the globe take in your creation, posting scores to the leaderboad in the process. In fact, the only thing holding anyone back in this Playgrounds mode, is their own imagination.

And if you can’t be bothered with all the fuss that brings, and just want to get straight to the action, the Discover menu is the place to go. The Featured category hosts ever-changing arenas that the studio recommends and curates. The Top option gives players instant access to the highest-rated challenges from the community. For players who can’t decide, Lucky Dip serves a menu from all three game modes.

“Playgrounds is something we’ve wanted to share for some time. It’s unique for the DIRT franchise and, with endless possibilities, we can’t wait for our players to get creative,” said Robert Karp, DIRT 5 Development Director at Codemasters. “We still have more to come so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting DIRT5 news and check out the tease at the end of the Playgrounds trailer.”

DIRT 5 will be dropping on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come October 16th, with an Xbox Series X and PS5 edition later this year, with Google Stadia players holding tight till 2021. And with the addition of the Playgrounds, the aniticipation for it has just got a whole load greater.

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