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With E3 2015 just around the corner, we were fully expecting the big dogs at Xbox HQ to deliver something special in the form of free games for June 2015. Well, the games have now been announced…but are they any good?

Well, that all depends on which system you currently game with.

If you are nothing but a new generation gamer with an Xbox One console to hand, then June is a little bit of a letdown. Not only do we have Pool Nation FX free yet again (for the third month in a row), but that means the vast majority of One owners will already be a free game ‘down’ in comparison to any other month. It may class itself as ‘the ultimate pool simulator’ but being big fans of the ball potting ‘Pure Pool’ offering from Voofoo Studios, Nation FX isn’t really something we get excited about.

It is however nice to see a new game release onto the library, initially for nothing at least. Massive Chalice may have a bit of a strange name, but it’ll be interesting to see how it responds to the rigors of the Xbox One marketplace. Tactical strategy and console gaming doesn’t always go hand in hand..surely we’re not being gifted Double Fines latest title because it’s a bit rubbish? Let’s hope not!

massive chalice header

And then we get on to the free games for Xbox 360 owners and if truth be told, it’s a rather bloody good month for those sitting in 360-land.

Just Cause 2 is the headline act and has quite obviously been thrown in with the express intention of helping shift even more copies of the upcoming Just Cause 3 (although we’re not sure that’ll need any help!). Rico Rodriguez awaits, grappling hook in hand as you get the chance to play around with hundreds of weapons and vehicles as you roam around 400 square miles of Southeast Asia. It’s one of our favourite games of the last gen and for free is quite possibly the best addition to the Games With Gold scheme yet!

The second title going for free to 360 owners is that of Thief. Whilst we’d prefer to see the Xbox One version stripped of its price tag, it’s still a darn good game on Xbox 360. Just over a year old but already being given away for free means anyone who hasn’t yet played it is in for a bit of a treat. Garret never paid for anything in his life, why should you!

thief basso pic 1

So that’s it for this months free Xbox Games With Gold. We can’t fault the games on offer for Xbox 360 owners, but those with the more powerful system will be a little disappointed. The scores on the doors for the quality of this months offerings are as follows:

Xbox One – 3/5

Xbox 360 – 5/5

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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