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If you like to smash things and you live in Derby (sorry, UK joke there :)), then you’ll be right at home with the recently announced Smash Derby.

Coming from the guys at Fenix Fire to Xbox One, PS4 and PC later in 2015, Smash Derby urges you to smash your way to victory in a crazy fr%^!ng game show!

Enter the arena solo and take on AI hovercars and other players in fierce competition or take part in a team based battle arena in which the one and only goal is to smash everything in sight! With hovercars blowing up on impact, you’ll need to charge your booster to send your opponents to certain doom. If that doesn’t work, then drop the odd mine or blast them with turrets and lasers!

Smash Derby will feature the following:

  • Competitive and Co-op local multiplayer, Deathmatch and Team Based modes
  • Single player Arcade, Survival, and Strategy modes
  • Explosive and diverse Hovercars
  • Deploy a complete arsenal of Defense Units
  • A wide range of arena hazards and traps
  • Old-school arcade action with comically over-the-top game show host
  • Amazing lighting and particle FX

We will of course bring you further details as and when we have them.

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7 years ago

[…] Neil Watton (neil363) If you like to smash things and you live in Derby (sorry, UK joke there :)), then you’ll be […]