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Thought you were done fighting the horror with Resident Evil 3 and Daymare: 1998? Well, it turns out you ain’t even started as Fight the Horror brings a whole new survival experience to Xbox One.

Fight the Horror from 4D Creativity Limited is a game for those who revel in the thrills, just love an urban myth or two, and think there is nothing better than partaking in a bit of a lunatic-filled manga plot. Sold yet?

Giving you just 7 days to solve the mysterious world you find yourself in, Fight the Horror on Xbox One will set you back just a mere £8.39, and once your download has been paid for and is rolling into place you’ll discover a world that centres the action on a group of youngsters who have been abducted and tasked with taking part in a ‘game’. It just so happens that this game isn’t particularly fun, instead involving human experiments and night time exploration.

Going at it a alone or with a split-screen, sofa based mate, Fight the Horror certainly looks to provide something a little different to those actively involved in the horror genre with multiple mysterious stories in play and a maze like world to explore. Should you be sold on the premise will find that the Xbox Store is capable of delivering the required download.

Features include:

  • Survival horror: gather, synthesize, level-up, fight or flight
  • Split-screen couch co-op
  • Challenging time-limited gameplay
  • 7 Mysterious stories based on local urban myths
  • 14 ways of burials or sacrifices for your teammate
  • Maze-like fictional city world

As always, let us know in the comments if you’ll be giving this a shot, and keep a little beady eye open for our full review in the days ahead.

Game Description:

“Fight the Horror” is a whole new survival experience. A group of young people abducted and forced to participate in a game by a mysterious organization. They are 7 days to solve the mystery and defeat the boss to escape, otherwise … 7 days may seem enough at first, but soon they know they are trapped in a small room at day time, and can only get out to explore during night time. Intelligence and supplies gathered through many struggles, will be no more if one does not get back to the safehouse by dawn. A game that brings you the excitement of a lunatic human experiment situation, now let you experience even more with a friend through split-screen. Can you overcome fear and fight the horror?

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