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It’s fairly safe to say that KEMCO delivered the goods back in 2019, spending many a month pushing out new games to Xbox One and PC players on a near weekly basis. Over the last couple of months though things have slowed down, to the point where we were left pondering whether or not KEMCO had run out of games. Fear not though for they are now back, releasing Miden Tower to Xbox One and PC.

Available right now to purchase and download, Miden Tower is KEMCO’s latest fantasy RPG to release on Xbox One and PC, telling a narrative that is focused on a tragic set of events and the revenge mission that follows. You see, when Miden Tower was taken over by the evil Alroval Empire, the mages who populated it found themselves hidden away on the higher floors. From there, they attempted to take back control.

Working as a turn-based strategic battler that utilises the power of 3×3 grids, multiple skills, tons of different effects and the summoning of golems, in Miden Tower you’ll find the the heroine is a wall who can provide support to the main offence by created wind breaks and the like.

With a world ripe to explore, tons of items to pick up and use, more skills than you can shake a stick at and a whole host of the finest RPG quests you can think of, Miden Tower is an extremely interesting affair.

Our full review will be coming along in the days ahead, letting you know more about how this plays out, but for now make your way to the Xbox Store and pick up the base game for £12.49. Further to that purchase are a number of other little DLC additions that will see your adventure strengthened. The pack bringing Damage x2 will cost £4.19, as will Experience x3 and the Experience & SP x 2 option. Alongside that though are the SP x3 for £2.49 and the No Skill Cost effects for £3.29. All are sure to bring your Miden Tower game to the next level. 

Game Description:

Miden Tower is a fantasy RPG with a compelling and dramatic story. After Miden Tower is invaded by the Alroval Empire, the mages who call it home find themselves cornered on its upper floors. This sets in motion a series of tragic events that lead to a counteroffensive being launched to take back the tower and to get revenge for the wrongs committed against them. The heroine is an actual wall that provides support to the main characters by merging with walls or acting as a wind breaker if needed. Turn-based battles can be engaged with 3×3 grid battles by using skills with different effects or by summoning golems to take down your foes. Alchemize items, learn passive skills and enjoy the tons of quests and extra enjoyment that await in this magical adventure!

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