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My name is Cade, and everything I do revolves around games, my wife, and our cat. His name is Jeffers. I've been playing games since I was two, and I'm willing to try every game at least once.

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Tails of Iron Review – A Stupendous Soulslike

It has a fun, finely-crafted story told through splendid animation and outstanding narration, a gorgeous, adventure-filled world with plenty to explore, and one of the greatest 2D combat systems I’ve ever experienced. Tails of Iron is not only one of the best things I’ve played all year, but it’s a sign of great things to come from an incredibly talented studio.

Super Animal Royale Review – A Royal Ruckus

Super Animal Royale is a great free-to-play title. If you’re familiar with battle royales to any degree, everything here will feel simultaneously familiar and new. Wacky characters with loads of customization, fun weapons, and unique ideas will hold your attention, but the frustrating lack of accessibility options, fairly repetitive combat, and oodles of in-game currencies could be a deal breaker for some.

Mad Streets Review – Road Rage

There just isn’t that much to Mad Streets. You’ve seen everything it has to offer within the space of an hour. Playing with friends and laughing for a bit at the idea of “haha! That character fell down funny!” gets old insanely fast, and it does so even quicker when playing alone. Not to mention that even when you manage to make a hit connect in a way that you actually wanted it to, it’s as satisfying as wiping someone’s face with a rubber chicken.

Kitaria Fables Review – Grind Heavy Whimsy

Kitaria Fables is certainly not for everyone, but neither are donuts. Its visuals are mostly great, the music is a delight, and the story is charming. Sure the combat and quests are a grind, but if you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing lengthy tasks and you don’t have a gluten allergy, grab yourself a donut and give Kitaria Fables a try.

Exclusive interview with Upstream Arcade regarding West of Dead on Xbox One and PC

When we had the opportunity to find out more about West of Dead, via an exclusive interview with the team at Upstream Arcade, we couldn't turn down the chance. And that is where Patrick Martin, part of the art team behind the game, came in...

Raise hell as West of Dead arrives on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass and PC

Yeehaw! Get ready, cowpokes, because West of Dead is finally upon us - available right this minute on Xbox One (and Xbox Game Pass) and PC.

Genetic Disaster Review – Mutated Fun for the Family

Despite zero explanation of how to play, and a feeling that little is gained on each playthrough, there is more than enough twin-stick shooting action in Genetic Disaster to keep you satisfied.

The Molasses Flood’s Drake Hollow – Strong Roots

Originality can be a bit tough to come by. As a result, I am often on the lookout for refreshing, new ideas. When I first saw trailers for Drake Hollow, I was excited by the idea of being transported to a different world in order to care for a race of cute, little, plant-like creatures and fight off hordes of vile monsters. I was starting to worry that it might be too similar to the plethora of indie survival games, with its focus on crafting and base building, but I can gladly say that The Molasses Flood’s latest game is exceptionally fun and delightfully original.

War Theatre Review – Something Wicked this Way Comes

I cannot remember a time that I played a game that made me angry just by looking at it. There may be some potential behind the idea - War Theatre definitely has a place that it wanted to go. Sadly, we will never know what that was since the game is marred by a tiresome excuse for gameplay and hideous visuals.

10 of the most exciting indie games coming soon to Xbox One

If you are anything like me, you might be craving something new. Luckily for us, ID@Xbox recently showcased an enormous lineup of upcoming and exciting indie games that I think you are going to want to see.

Retro Tanks Review – Tanks, but No Tanks

I cannot produce a single reason why anyone should pick up Retro Tanks on Xbox One. Its uninteresting gameplay, irritating bugs, and headache-inducing visuals make it an absolute mess. Perhaps you and some friends can laugh at each other while playing the game in the background, but it is much more likely that you would all quickly grow bored.

Red Death Review – Darkness and Decay

Red Death on Xbox One is a chore to play. I would say that the ugly visuals and mediocre gameplay bring down the experience, but that would mean there was something enjoyable to be brought down.

Pikuniku Review – Quirky in the Best and Worst Ways

Pikuniku on Xbox One is a tiny little game. It tries to do a whole lot with its short campaign, yet it only does half of it well. Its writing bounces back and forth between being endearingly random and just plain unfunny. The puzzles featured within the campaign and co-operative modes are easily the best part of playing, so it is odd that the game does not focus entirely on those two things.

STAB STAB STAB! Review – Not Too Sharp

The lack of variety, weird aesthetic choices and quickly monotonous gameplay is not enough to recommend STAB STAB STAB! to anyone.

House Flipper Review – Flipping Great

House Flipper on Xbox One is a wonderful surprise. It does not have the deepest gameplay, but it sucked me right in. It may not be a game I remember for years to come, but it will surely stay installed on my Xbox One so that I have something quiet and calming to play the next time I feel the need to be alone with my existential thoughts.

Galaxy Control: Arena Review – A Black Hole

I do not enjoy being a jerk (much), but I can hardly think of anything worth recommending about Galaxy Control: Arena on Xbox One.

MageQuit Review – Magically Delicious

Playing against friends on the couch is where MageQuit comes alive as one of the best party games since Overcooked, and you can share it with just about anyone. Yet, the game just can’t shake the feeling that there isn’t enough there.

Code Shifter Review – Up to Code

Code Shifter on Xbox One is definitely an interesting game. The gameplay doesn’t overstay its welcome, and it’s solid enough to entertain you through each stage. The biggest strike against Code Shifter is that it thinks its story is the main reason you’re here. Due to the bizarre tonal shifts, unlikeable characters and huge exposition dumps, this just isn’t the case. 

Regions of Ruin Review – A Rough Romp

I’m no stranger to games that ask a player to grind repetitive tasks, and I’m also no stranger to games that don’t really have a clear goal to be working toward. Where most of those games succeed, though, is in having interesting characters, visuals, or gameplay. Regions of Ruin on the other hand, much like a sandwich without strawberry jam, is an uninteresting and bland experience.

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Born of Bread Review

There’s a magical alchemy in the bake that means Born of Bread rises above these issues.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds gets December launch on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC

Currently in Early Access on PC, Merge Games have announced the full release date for their teeny tiny open-world multiplayer survival game - Smalland: Survive the Wilds. And as they do so, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions are confirmed. 

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Born of Bread Review

There’s a magical alchemy in the bake that means Born of Bread rises above these issues.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Review

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name may be a shorter and smaller Like a Dragon game, but it doesn’t skimp on quality.

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle Review

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle is wacky, inventive and a whole lot of fun. If you can see through the asking price, you’ll be tapping away in no time.

Smoots Pinball Review

For fans of pinball, Smoots Pinball is a definite avoid. Even for younger gamers, arguably who the game is really pitched at, there still isn’t really much to recommend here.

Chessarama Review

Chessarama won’t make you better at chess, but it may help you to get into the mindset needed to be a Grandmaster.