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Over the years we’ve become accustomed to seeing all many of musical generes move into the Rock Band library, with a range of tunes that will happily suit everyone. Now though it’s time for kawaii metal to hit the airwaves, as Babymetal headline the latest Rock Band 4 content additions.

Yep – and you may well have to excuse my ignorance – but I’ve never heard of kawaii metal either, and I’m not entirely sure that it’s something I really want to hear. But when new content arrives in Rock Band 4, interest levels always rise.

And that is the case here as available right now to purchase, download and then jam along with are two new tunes to the Rock Band 4 library, with tunes from Babymetal and Godsmack in place. They are…

  • When Legends Rise – Godsmack
  • Starlight – BABYMETAL

Now, you may well know of the American rockers of Godsmack – particularly since they’ve nailed the number one spot with a few albums, but Babymetal? Well, no matter whether you’ve heard of them or not, then the opportunity to grab a couple of new tracks and get the band back together for a few sessions is always appreciated and with both of these new tracks currently discounted from the usual £1.59 down to just £1.19. there really is no reason to not get involved.

The Xbox Store will gladly sort out the Xbox One rockers who wish to enjoy the melodies of Godsmack and Babymetal, whilst those on PS4 will have to hop on over to the PlayStation Store in order to purchase and download the content.

Are you tempted by what is on offer this week? Are you a massive Babymetal fan and just have to be able to rock out with Starlight? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the section down below.


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