Are you ready to punch, scratch and claw your way to victory? Claws of Furry is here and it’ll give you the chance to hone your most badass ninja-cat skills.

Available right now for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, Claws of Furry promises to drop you into the world of the most daring of pussycats, as you get to take in some of classic arcade beat ’em up action across multiple modes and a variety of environments.

Honing your skills will be the order of the day and by embracing super fast reflexes and a keen eagle eye, you’ll find your journey to free your Master a successful one. With the opportunity to team up with others via local co-op should your own skills be left wanting, and plenty of unlockable outfits and bonuses to hunt down, those looking for some fast paced feline action will be more than happy with what Claws of Furry presents.

You’ll find it available from the usual digital stores, with Xbox One owners needing to take a trip to the Xbox Store before splashing £8.39 in order to get a download rolling. Those on PC, PS4 ad Switch will need to visit their own stores.

If you’re unsure whether the ninja-fuelled cat life is for you, make sure you keep an eye out for our full review. It’ll be with you in the days ahead.

Game Description:

Claws of Furry creates a blend of today’s fast paced action with classic arcade Beat’em up badassery. With four distinct environments with unique enemies, the challenge is always evolving. Multiple modes such as Rogue-like and Arena, and unlockable outfits with unique bonuses, will keep you coming back for more. Fear not the rogue-like though; with the Pussycat mode you can play the game with checkpoints in every level, in a classic linear adventure. This will not make it much easier though, fast reflexes and a keen eye are required in order to survive the journey to free your Master. You don’t have to take this journey alone though; you can have a group of up to four people in local co-op!

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