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‘Mostly Positive’ read the Steam reviews, but today it’s the turn of console players to properly behold the Beholgar. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, alongside a less-than-24-hours-old drop on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, Beholgar bursts out of the PC Steam scene to provide console players the chance to navigate their way through a classically styled metroidvania – one that absolutely oozes in retro appeal. 

Priced at £8.39, Beholgar is certainly not going to break any bank, and we’d suggest it’s not going to break any hearts of old-school retro gamers either, as this comes to the Xbox, PlayStation and Switch worlds with a ton of interest. 

It’s the visual style that gets us and whether you go about watching the trailers or just take in the screens, it absolutely screams retro platforming goodness. For us, that’s a massive tick in the right box, dragging up memories of games from years gone by. 

If you’re equally taken then you’ll find that Beholgar has a bit of a backstory to it too. See, it’s in here where an evil sorcerer invites an even-more-evil god to the Earth party. Evil plus evil doesn’t usually end well and so you – as a fully-equipped barbarian – head on out to put a stop to all things bad. 

From there, expect what you consider to be standard side-scrolling 2D metroidvania styled action. Caverns, woods, castles, creatures and a ton of mysteries await. The question is, can you handle everything that Beholgar can throw at you?

You’ll be able to find out by hitting up the Xbox Store and downloading the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S version of the game. Find this one on Steam too, as well as the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5 and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. In other words, pretty much everywhere it should be. 

Look out for our review soon. 

Game Description:

An evil sorcerer reads the ancient book and invites an evil god to earth. It is necessary to eliminate this evil threat. And the fate of the earth is in the hands of a barbarian. Beholgar is a classically styled 2D Metroidvania adventure. Explore caverns, ancient woods, and deadly castles; battle creatures and solve ancient mysteries in the kingdom.

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