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The EpiXR Games team continually dip in and out of franchises. They’ve got the Murder Diaries, they’ve got Life of Fly and they’ve got the opening ideas of Paper Flight. But it’s the Aery games in which EpiXR really thrive and they have carried on building that series out with Aery – Last Day of Earth. 

Available today to purchase and download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Aery – Last Day of Earth is the latest in the ever-increasingly lengthy list of Aery titles, building out on what the likes of Aery – Calm Mind, Aery – A New Frontier and Aery – Viking tried to take us players off to the last day of Earth. 

Of course, this is an Aery game and so there is immediate interest in it from that. If you haven’t played one of these before, then consider yourself as a bird, flying high, serenely dropping from a variety of landscapes as you tick off some hugely simple tasks. It’s all about flying forth with little to persuade you otherwise and we’d expect Aery – Last Day of Earth to continue in that vein. 

Priced at £8.39, Aery – Last Day of Earth will take you through time, space and a host of different dimensions all as you take in the unfolding nature of everything around you. Make of it what you will – there is no right nor wrong way to play an Aery game; just glide and enjoy the ride. 

Of all of EpiXR Games’ titles, it’s probably Aery that we love the most and for that reason are excited to drop into Aery – Last Day of Earth to see what’s what. We’ll get a review out there pretty soon. 

For now, whether you’re an Aery vet or someone new to the flying experiences it brings, you can pick up a copy of the game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from the Xbox Store

Game Description:

“Aery – Last Day of Earth” is a story-driven 3D flight exploration game in which you control a little bird that is on its non-violent journey through time, space, and different dimensions to discover an alternative reality for our planet. Make your journey through peaceful, exciting, and diverse dimensions and discover different futures that earth itself could experience in near future. Enjoy the feeling of flying and feel the wind going through your feathers while searching for a better future for all of us. The game leans heavily into string theory so be ready to explore many twisted, extreme, or a little bit abstract realties.

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