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If you want to save Earth, and go about that via an arcade style run-and-gunner, then Blazing Chrome may well be one to look out for – and now it is also coming to Xbox One.

Previously announced with a Spring 2019 release on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC, the development team at Joymasher and their publishers The Arcade Crew, have today confirmed that Blazing Chrome will also be hitting Xbox One.

Seeing the full console lineup actioned, Blazing Chrome will see you dropped into a cooperative fight to save Earth from a hellish AI looking to rule over everything.

Delivered with fun arcade-style action at the fore, Blazing Chrome will take us back to the good old days of when we saw the old school side-scrolling shooter reign supreme, with intense, bullet-riddled screens of action that is not just easy to pick up but immediately understandable.

This will see you teaming up with a friend or going Rambo style to clear hordes of killer robots in a retro-inspired vision of Earth’s downfall, wielding a suite of cutting-edge weaponry, utilising awesome vehicles including hover bikes and mechs, and delving into an unending stash of ammo against the world’s greatest threat.

Today’s Xbox One release announcement has been accompanied by a new trailer that is found showcasing some of the most horrifying mechanised forces awaiting sharpshooters brave enough to charge into the front lines. From hulking monstrosities to agile, efficient killing machines, these powerful AI leaders show just how dire humanity’s survival prospects seem. Check it out below and then standby for the release of Blazing Chrome on Xbox One. We’ll be sure to tell you when that time comes.

Features of Blazing Chrome include:

  • Two players
  • Realistic 16-bits post-apocalyptic environments
  • Classic fast-paced run-and-gun game
  • Epic boss fights
  • And more to come
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