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There are times when all you want in life is to grab a controller and blow the brains out of any virtual foe that comes your way. No fuss. No bother. Boom Blaster looks set to be that game. 

Sold as an old-school mega run ‘n’ gun, brain-blasting, ground-shaking game (covering just a few bases there), Boom Blaster has come out of the PC hiding hole it’s been skipping around in to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, ensuring that gamers across multiple formats can enjoy some hardcore shooting action. 

Priced at just a tiny £4.19, Boom Blaster sees you thrust into the shoes of a group of space prisoners; a group that come with a whole different arsenal of skills and abilities. And you’ll get to utilise these skills and abilities along with a host of different weapons as you attempt to reach freedom, pushing back monsters and enemies in the process. 

Expect to be dealt a hand that covers memorable chases, epic gunfights and multiple ways to rip apart deadly monsters, limb by limb. Okay, we may have been doing that for the best part of a year in Zombie Army 4: Dead War, and just might have been doing similar back in the day with Dead Space and Dead Space 2, but hey, we’re not going to knock another chance. 

Our full review of Boom Blaster on Xbox will be coming your way in the days ahead, but if you wish to join us in blasting your way through to freedom, will find Boom Blaster present on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. And yes, it’s also on PC through Steam

Game Description:

Boom Blaster is an outstanding, brain-blasting, groundshaking, oldschool mega Run ‘n Gun game! A group of space prisoners took their chance to escape. But their road to freedom would not be so easy. Meet all kinds of classic monsters and deadly enemies — from small acid insects to huge one-eyed bosses with guns and bad temper. Each character has a unique set of skills and abilities. Use them with a vast selection of weapons such as machine guns, grenades, lasers, flamethrowers, rockets and much more! All these features are spiced up with memorable chases, epic flights, gunfights and hundreds of ways to amputate tons of monsters limbs!

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Sam Mills
Sam Mills
8 months ago

The control scheme is horrendous and you can’t adjust it. It’s also unnecessary since we’ve seen virtually the same gameplay in classic games like Contra 3. It’s so bad it’s virtually unplayable.