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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may just be the most polarizing Call of Duty title ever to hit the shelves: the emphasis upon slower tactics and careful decision-making is one that has left many fans of the franchise split. But whether you love it or hate it you simply cannot deny that Modern Warfare has a monumental player base, and in order to support this Activision have today released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One.

New multiplayer maps, multiplayer modes and special ops missions are par for the course in what has become Call of Duty’s largest ever drop of free content, but expect to see new weapons included – bolstering the Modern Warfare armoury and thus giving players more choice regarding what loadouts they are rocking match-to-match. Oh, and it’s 2019 after all, so the familiar Battle Pass will be a staple of Season One!

Perhaps the most exciting news for COD veterans is that a few classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare maps are making a return into the standard multiplayer – namely Crash, Vacant and the legendary Shipment (anyone up for some quickscope/noscopes?), although the latter two will be introduced later on in the season. Similarly, over the course of Season One some new competitive multiplayer modes will be introduced, with Reinforce (a blend between S&D, Domination and Search and Rescue) launching today and the classic Infected coming into rotation later on. 

The fast-paced 2v2 mode Gunfight is getting a couple of new maps to give a go, and the O.S.P. Gunfight mode sees you having to pick up weapons before fighting, adding yet another element to this tense multiplayer affair. What’s more, the large-scale Ground War mode is getting fresh dose of content in the form of the new Port map. Oh, and did we mention the new Special Ops experiences that Season One will deliver, bringing you and your coop buddies new mini-stories to enjoy? 

Combine all this with the promise of new free weapons, weapon blueprints and other cosmetics… you can see why this is the biggest content drop in COD history!

But it’s all well and good us telling you what is coming; let’s get some insight from the Co-Studio Head and Creative Director over at Infinity Ward:

“Since Modern Warfare’s launch it’s been great sharing a steady stream of new playable content, but today’s launch of Season One takes things to a new level for all players. We’re rolling out multiplayer maps like Crash, Vacant and Shipment; Gunfight maps Cargo, Atrium, and Shipment; a Ground War map Port; three new multiplayer modes; five new Special Ops experiences and two new weapons,” said Patrick Kelly, Co-Studio Head and Creative Director, Infinity Ward. “This is the largest free content drop in Call of Duty history, and we’re excited that everyone can play all of this new Modern Warfare content together across all platforms.”

And then we come to the Battle Pass – something which, for better or for worse, has replaced the controversial loot box system in most new releases nowadays. Modern Warfare is no different, and Season One has arrived with both a free Battle Pass and a Premium Battle Pass, the latter of which will set you back 1000 COD points. Whilst it may seem a little stingy that you have to pay for content on top of the base game, there is the silver lining of both paths of the pass containing some free COD points that can be used on future Battle Pass seasons. Furthermore, such COD points can be invested into buying new cosmetics that will be available to purchase later on in Modern Warfare’s lifetime – the choice really is yours as to how you spend them.

But regardless of whether you are a Call of Duty mega-fan that is relishing the opportunity to get your teeth into some new content, a COD casual who dips in now and again, or one of those who simply could not care less, Call of Duty is back in the big time, and Season One is looking to continue this!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One is now available to download on Xbox One, PS4 and PC free of charge (just expect a hefty download package!). And if you haven’t picked game up yet, what are you waiting for? The usual stores will sort you out there too.


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