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Over recent months and years we’ve fast become accustomed to what the team at KEMCO deliver, with multiple RPG experiences found hitting Xbox One and PC on a regular basis. And today we see yet another KEMCO drop arrive, with the launch of Seek Hearts on Xbox One.

Priced up at £12.49 and coming with the usual KEMCO RPG flair about it, Seek Hearts on Xbox One and PC will see you landing in the shoes of Izen, before being left to take in a journey which will eventually uncover his very origin.

Available to purchase and download from the usual digital stores, Seek Hearts promises to see you upgrading abilities and skills as you embark on your adventure, taking on all-comers and attempting to get the upper hand across all battles that must be taken in.

Throw in a number of fun little mechanics that will increase the battle speed and encounter rates, and if you are one of the many who have fallen in love with what KEMCO have provided over recent times then you should well be in luck again here.

There are also a few add-ons that will help with your progress in Seek Hearts, with the following also available…

With the likes of Wizards of Brandel and Asdivine Kamura enabling specific experiences, then the release of Seek Hearts on Xbox One and PC can only build on those things. Get yourself over to the Xbox Store immediately and set a download in motion. We’re pretty sure you’ll like what you find but as always, our upcoming full review should be able to fill in the finer details.

If you want to know more right now, hit up the original mobile trailer for the game below.

Game Description:

With questions swirling in his mind about why he was created and by who, Izen sets out on a journey to discover his origins. However, as he and those with him pursue answers to this mystery, they fail to notice a shadow creeping up upon them with the intent to stop them in their tracks… Upgrade Izen’s abilities with arm/leg parts, core and chips, and activate the armament drive and fight with the support of fairies! Add a little spice to life with titles and enjoy the free arrangement of battle speed and encounter rates! Get easy items from fairies that hide in stockings! Loads of extra content including a battle arena and more still awaits!

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