We recently told you that Candleman would soon be making an appearance on Xbox One – well today, we’ve got the fully confirmed release date.

Becoming lit on Xbox One come 1st Feb 2017, Candleman tells the tale of a little candle who needs to make his way to the distant light source. The problem is, his glow only gives him 10 seconds of light and so you’ll need to take care as you navigate your way through the darkened world.

Priced at $14.99, or your local equivalent, Candleman is an odyssey through things that go bump in the night, but you’ll soon realise that each use of candlelight results in melted candlewax, generating a lighter and more manoeuvrable Candleman. Take care to safeguard your remaining candlelight because should you use your 10 seconds entirely, you’ll surely perish in the darkness.

“Candleman represents a concept that anyone can understand – seeking light in darkness – and creates an intriguing platformer around that core idea,” said E-Home Entertainment’s Marketing Director, ManQiao Wang. “The simplicity of the game combined with the intrigue of Candleman’s story and the worlds he must travel through are what distinguish the experience. Working with Microsoft and Spotlightor to bring Candleman to the world is an incredibly rewarding project for our team.”

We will of course remind you when the time comes but for now check out his journey in the teaser below.


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