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Fan of the retro scene? Love an evening gaming session full of psychological horror? Come Q3 2021 Chasing Static will be looking to provide both, haunting the sound waves on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and Switch.

Headware Games are behind the retro madness of Chasing Static and by combining with the brilliant publishing team at Ratalaika Games, we’ll be seeing the game merge onto Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC later this year. If you can’t wait that long though, and are already sold on the name alone, then head over to Steam and take in the scares of the currently available demo.

Working some serious PS1-style horror vibes, Chasing Static, sees you playing through the life of Chris Selwood, a man travelling through Northern Wales in search of shelter from a storm. After taking in his father’s funeral Chris is desperate to get out of the rain and heads to a roadside cafe, slowly sipping his coffee. It is here where things take turn though as Chris witnesses unspeakable terror as he sees the waitress violently pinned to the ceiling by an indescribable monstrosity. After passing out and awakening to a cafe in ruins, he heads out in search of what happened, with the world around him now shrouded in darkness.

To save himself and escape this nightmare, Chris must uncover the truth about a decades-long government conspiracy. He – and you – will need to utilise strange technology, listen for signals acting as aural cues to navigate these haunted places, learning puzzle solutions by listening to the static-laden conversations of long-lost souls.

Chasing Static comes with a graphical style that harkens back to horror games on the original PlayStation, as you get the chance to explore foreboding locales including dense woods, abandoned villages, shadowy government facilities, and a mysterious bunker. You’ll need to piece together what happened to the residents of the long-abandoned village of Hearth, and discover shocking revelations about Chris, his father’s past and the mysterious Echo Garden Facility.

“The PlayStation era had so many great horror games that made an impact on me and gave me nightmares for years,” said Nathan Hamley, Founder, Headware Games. “Chasing Static is my attempt to pay homage to those classics and that visual style while scarring a whole new generation with ideas I’ve had percolating for a while.”

Q3 2021 may seem a way off but as soon as we hear more in regards Chasing Static we’ll be sure to bring you it – including that all-important release date. In the meantime, the trailer below should cover what you need…

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