If you like chess than you’ll no doubt be more than aware of Ripstone’s rich history with the game. Today though, they’ve turned things up a notch or two with the release of Chess Ultra.

Having previously delivered us a brilliant chess experience with Pure Chess, Ripstone are back with the most visually breathtaking chess game yet. Chess Ultra is out now on Xbox One, to go alongside the PS4, PC PSVR, Oculus and HTC Vive versions, ready to ensure we get the best chess experience possible.

With stunning chess sets and environments, no less than ten AI difficulty levels including that of Grandmaster, the opportunity to head into both single games and long tournaments with others from around the world, and the chance to test your skills with a number of challenges, Chess Ultra is every chess fans dream.

But even if you don’t know the best way to fire yourself to a strategic win, Chess Ultra also ensures that newcomers to the game are well catered for, with a superbly in-depth training mode.

We advise you to hit up our full review, before heading on over to the Xbox Games Store and nabbing yourself a download. The £9.99 price tag is more than reasonable.

Game Description:

Introducing the most breathtaking chess game ever made. Chess Ultra features stunning visuals, seamless online multiplayer and Grandmaster-approved AI to offer the ultimate chess experience. Explore an array of intricately crafted environments and choose from a selection of iconic chess sets designed with both the modern and traditional chess player in mind. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran of the great game, Chess Ultra has something to offer for players of all ages and ability.

– Stunning chess sets and beautiful environments
– 10 Grandmaster-approved AI levels
– Intuitive, overhauled local and online multiplayer with ELO ranking system
– Comprehensive time controls, including Classical, Blitz and Marathon, available online
– Spectate and compete in Official Ripstone tournaments
– Demonstrate your skills in over 80 chess puzzles
– Re-write the past by winning the biggest historic matches
– In-depth tutorials to help improve your game

Chess has never looked this good!

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