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There are many reasons why the opening riff of Johnny B. Goode is so well known, but all you really need to worry about is that right now that opener could be mastered by you – thanks to the Chuck Berry Song Pack on Rocksmith.

If you ever wanted to make sure that Johnny was go, and reckon you are ready to nail one of the most iconic and recognisable songs in popular music history, then you should be serious about purchasing the Chuck Berry Song Pack for Rocksmith 2014 Edition or Rocksmith Remastered.

Available right now on all the usual formats – Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 – the Chuck Berry Song Pack is the latest in the long line of DLC tracks for Rocksmith, and a bit of a no-brainer for anyone who likes a bit of proper music, with the headline act being that of 1958’s stunning Johnny B. Goode. Priced up at £6.39, you’ll find that the pack contains the following tunes…

  • Johnny B. Goode
  • School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)
  • You Never Can Tell

Of course, should you just be after Johnny B Goode, or prefer the musical melodies of School Day or You Never Can Tell instead of the big gun, then you can also grab each tune from the Chuck Berry Song Pack for Rocksmith for just £2.39 each.

No matter whether you are rocking out on Xbox One or Xbox 360, or jamming away to the biggest tunes on PS3 and PS4, the usual digital stores will be able to sort you out with a download of your very favourite Chuck Berry tunes thanks to Rocksmith. The Xbox Store or PlayStation Store are both open for business, and should be visited right now by any guitarist worth their salt.

Will you be picking up the full Chuck Berry Song Pack for Rocksmith? Is Johnny B. Goode the big draw for you? Would you prefer to find more modern tunes available on Rocksmith? Let us know all your thoughts by posting in the comments below or by hitting us up on the usual social channels. We’d love to hear from you.

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