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The glorious skies of Skycadia are full of scoundrels and it’s going to be your job to hunt them down. So, what are you waiting for, bounty hunter? Get out there, put your dogfighting skills into practice, and collect the booty by bringing the wrongdoers to justice on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

As far as dogfighting experiences go, Skycadia is definitely more of a retro-styled, pixelated offering than a modern take like Star Wars Squadron. In this world created using some rather easy-on-the-eyes pastel colours, your role is to pilot an aircraft in first-person perspective, with the goal of locating sky pirates. Shooting down these dastardly bugs with bounties on their heads will reward you with cash and help to fill up your Bounty Book. Simply rack up those bounties, build up a huge cash balance and reign supreme amongst your peers.

To learn more about this light-hearted, aerial-based adventure, feel free to check out our full review of Skycadia. In short, while it may seem basic, the simple concept and score-chasing nature of proceedings suggest there’s a chance that a reasonable experience can be had; especially when the price point is fairly low. How low exactly? Well, if you fly over to the Xbox Store, Skycadia is available for purchase at £8.39. And once you’ve acquired it, you can set off and track down the sky pirates to earn your well-deserved booty.

Does the bounty hunting life portrayed in Skycadia seem like the kind of premise you would enjoy? Get in touch via the comments section below and let us know your thoughts regarding it!

Game Description:

The world of Skycadia is overrun with sky pirates — and there’s profit to be made! Take to the skies and collect bounties by shooting down the scoundrels in this light-hearted flying adventure.

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