immortals fenyx rising blood of zeus pack

It may have found itself in an uncomfortable release window, what with being pushed out to the gaming masses just as the Cyberpunk 2077 hype was reaching its limits, but Immortals Fenyx Rising is one hell of a game. And one hell of a game deserves one hell of an opening DLC drop and that is exactly what we have here and now with the addition of Netflix’s Blood of Zeus

Covering all types of gods and monsters, Immortals Fenyx Rising is an open world game that provides one awesome experience. With a humorous story well delivered by those of Zeus and Prometheus, a main campaign which will set you back tens of hours, plenty of side quests and upgrading options galore, it’s got pretty much everything that any open-world fan could ask for. 

Now though it’s got more as Ubisoft bring in Netflix’s Blood of Zeus content. Running from now until January 28th 2021, the Blood of Zeus themed quest is that of ‘A Tribute to Family’ giving players the opportunity to take on two creatures from another evil world. These are Chimera and Cerberus and should you have the skills to take them on – and defeat them – will find yourself rewarded with a new Eagle pendant and all new character customisation options. 

Further comes the chance to trust your demon chaser instincts as you go about challenging your fate with an all-new weapon pack, again containing Blood of Zeus themed skins for your Sword, Axe and Bow. But that’s not all and you’ll also be able to walk in the footsteps of the Amazonian warrior Alexia with the Blood of Zeus character pack, including Blood of Zeus armor, helmet, wings, mount, and a new phoenix companion. 

Both the weapon pack and character pack will be available to purchase at any time, even after the conclusion of the crossover event. 

If you’re loving Immortals Fenyx Rising as much as we are and are just looking for something to take it to even newer heights, get yourself involved in the new Blood of Zeus content found in the game. Let us know what you think of it all too – the comments are down below. 

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