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There are five new tracks in the Rocksmith 2014 Edition library and you can thank Collective Soul for their introduction.

Shining a light where many have failed, the following tracks from Collective Soul are now present and correct, allowing gamers to buy, learn, play and eventually master…

  • Shine
  • Heavy
  • December
  • The World I Know
  • Gel

As is always the case, Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers can head on over to the Xbox Games Store in order to pick up the content. If you are playing Rocksmith on another format then you will already know what to do. You’ll find that the individual tracks cost the usual £2.39, whilst the whole song pack can be grabbed for nothing short of £9.59.

Quite fancy the Collective Soul five pack but aren’t sure Rocksmith 2014 Edition is for you? Why don’t you check out our full review of the Xbox One version. We love it!



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