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Slowly but surely the simulation genre has moved from an exclusive PC placement to the console scene, with all manner of different opportunities becoming available to gamers who wish to embrace it. Whether it’s working at an airport, fixing up cars, driving buses or creating entire cities matters little. Particularly as it is the latter which is coming to the fore once more with the announcement of Construction Simulator 3 – Console Edition for Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Following on from the 2018 release of Construction Simulator 2 and coming from the team at astragon Entertainment, the next instalment in the series is imminent with a launch on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch offering up plenty of new construction opportunities.

Construction Simulator 3 will come with a number of advanced features and functions for all fans of simulation games. Construction Simulator 3 – Console Edition (to give the full name) will see the player slip into the role of an aspiring constructor in the fictional European city of Neustein. During the course of the game, the player will be able to drive and operate more than 50 officially licensed vehicles by famous brands such as Caterpillar, Liebherr, CASE, Bobcat, Palfinger, STILL, MAN, ATLAS, Bell, BOMAG, WIRTGEN GmbH, JOSEPH VÖGELE AG, HAMM AG and MEILLER Kipper.

construction sim 3 Cockpit View

On the way to becoming the biggest constructor in town, more than 70 challenging missions will invite the player to deploy the whole scope of his building skills: From small Bavarian style family homes to industry warehouses and skyscrapers as well as bridge building missions up to the refurbishment of crumbling roads. Thanks to a large variety of vehicles and machines as well as the freely explorable game world, players can look forward to some long-lasting construction fun.

In fact, Construction Simulator 3 – Console Edition will not only offer improved graphics and a number of additional missions, but also fulfill one of the most common wishes of the community – active mirrors for all vehicles! C’mon, what more could you want?

If you’re running the PAX East route then you’ll be able to find Construction Simulator 3 – Console Edition available for a hands-on, prior to seeing launch shortly at the price of 14.99 EUR / 14.99 USD (Xbox One and PS4) or for 19.99 EUR / 19.99 USD on the Nintendo eShop. If not, well, the announcement trailer will have to suffice…

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