fishing sim world big fish lure pack

It’s an exciting time to be a virtual angler with a whole host of great fishing games to choose from. One of the very best though is that of Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour – particularly as it is a constant source of content, with the latest addition being that of the Big Fish Lure Pack.

Available to purchase and add into your Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour game right now, the Big Fish Lure Pack will set you back just £4.99, but for that money chances are your landing capabilities will increase ten-fold.

The Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour Big Fish Lure Pack pretty much does as it says on the tin, providing access to a number of new lures as standard, just alongside those are a ton of other elements too. There are no less than 37 pieces of equipment included in the Big Fish Lure Pack, from the smallest of lures, to a brand new boat, a kayak and more.

Perfect for landing the biggest predator fish that are found in the lakes and rivers of Fishing Sim World, you’ll gain access to lures like the ‘Deep Little N’ from Norman, the Hula Popper from Arbogast and a selection of the finest from Cotton Cordell, Smithwick and Nichols Lures. It is these which will be perfect for landing the bass, muskie, pike and walleye.

fishing sim world new boat

Further though is the inclusion of the ‘Big Rig RD’ kayak, and the ‘2185’ bass boat from Recon. Both of these come with a variety of designs too.

If you think of yourself as something of a virtual angler and wish to ensure that your Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour game is the best it can be, then grabbing the Big Fish Lure Pack right now should be one to consider. As always the usual digital stores will sort you out – the Xbox Store for instance.

Once you have jumped in and given the new kit a going over, let us know your thoughts about it all. The comments section is below.

DLC Description:

The Big Fish lure pack is a 37-piece equipment pack that is designed to help you single out not just individual species of fish but the biggest as well! Containing a brand-new boat with three new wraps, a licensed kayak in 4 colour patterns and a large selection of lures, this pack is perfect for targeting the predator fish found across all venues in-game. The Big Fish lure pack introduces our first licensed kayak – the ‘Big Rig FD’ kayak from Jackson Kayak as well as a new boat manufacturer – the ‘2185’ bass boat from Recon. The Big Rig FD kayak comes in 4 designs – Battleship, Dorado, Forest Camo and Marsh. The 2185 Recon boat comes with wraps from Norman, Arbogast and Cotton Cordell. This fully licensed pack contains a wide range of lures including the ‘Deep Little N’ from Norman, Hula Popper from Arbogast and a selection of products from Cotton Cordell, Smithwick and Nichols Lures that are perfect for bass, muskie, pike and walleye amongst others.

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Raseanya Rivera
Raseanya Rivera
2 years ago

I have been trying for the past couple weeks to catch any predator fish on burgsee. I have literally tried differrnt locations,lures,dead baits such as the heads and full dead fish. I bought this expansion pack and even after 3 weeks i havent been having any luck. Is there any tips that you can give me? Either with what I’m using or if its just something i am doing wrong. I cant get passed burgsee on the offline tournament.