Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike xbox

Prepare for a trip to a post-apocalyptic world as the Mad Max and FTL inspired Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike crash-lands on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. Are you ready for an experience that is billed as a roguelike gem?

Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike aims to provide a real mixture of genres, given that it’s offering strategic affair with plenty of action and some roleplaying elements thrown in too. Your journey in this world will begin after crash-landing your spaceship on a desert planet, Omek Prime, which leads you on a hunt for scrap parts using a convoy of vehicles. Unfortunately, you’ll have to navigate the dangerous wastelands to do so and ultimately try to avoid meeting an early demise at the hands of the three warring factions residing here. The hope is to retrieve the parts and return relatively unscathed.

While the squad-based combat is exciting, needing you to position units effectively as it plays out in real time like a high-octane car chase, there are also text-based events. That’s right, you’ll encounter many radio signals throughout and the potentially rewarding events associated with these could be text-based. What’s cool is that each playthrough features differing objectives, events, choices, and alternate consequences to your chosen actions. Be warned though, because one bad call could see permadeath on the cards.

Should you wish to know even more about Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike, then please check out our exclusive interview with developers Convoy Games. If that leads to you wanting to own it, simply venture over to the Xbox Store – or the respective stores of the other platforms – and pay the required fee of £12.49. As always, feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts on this intriguing tactical roguelike!

Game Description:

Convoy is a tactical roguelike-like inspired by Mad Max and FTL in which you cross a wasteland in search of parts for your broken ship. Presented in pixel art and set in a future post-apocalyptic setting, Convoy is a squad based tactical roguelike-like in its core. You travel with your combat vehicles and convoy across a wasteland to find parts needed to repair your broken spaceship. During your journey you will encounter strangers in randomized scenarios by picking up radio signals. Depending on the choices you make, signals can either lead to tactical combat, text based dialogue or chance based role-play. Whatever choice you make, you need to keep your convoy and its cargo safe from raiders, privateers and other enemies. Keep upgrading your vehicles, as death is permanent in Convoy.

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