Let's Cook Together

Whilst thoughts will gravitate naturally to the frenzied experience Overcooked! offers upon laying eyes on Let’s Cook Together from developers Yellow Dot, this new cooking adventure focuses on one key aspect of Team17’s hit franchise; that is when players are completely separated by a long counter, and must throw foodstuffs to and fro in the most organised food fight known to man.

Going down the two-player, couch co-op route, Let’s Cook Together (out now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation and Switch, with a PC release taking place back in April 2020) tasks you and a mate or family member to take on increasingly more fiendish cooking challenges. The only catch? You two are separated by a counter that spans the entire level, and as a result must throw chopped vegetables, burgers and the like between each other, in order to complete orders that come through the door. Communication is key: ensure you have empty hands when receiving some thrown food, or you’ll end up with more than just egg on your face.

Yellow Dot are keen to emphasise the therapeutic, bonding capabilities settling down to a co-op game has, yet if our experiences with Overcooked! are anything to go by, the only way to avoid raised voices is careful planning of a level beforehand, and clear, concise communication throughout. The same must be said for Let’s Cook Together. Besides, both games have cutesy avatars, such as the chilli and aubergine sprites you can inhabit when rushing about the kitchens, so maybe that’s were the relaxation factor comes in?

Key Features Include:

  • Everybody can have a taste. The game can be enjoyed by kids, teenagers, adults, and elders alike. Make cooking THE opportunity to forge new bonds and refine existing ones.
  • Use your noodle. Rely mostly on your planning and communication skills; reflex and agility aren’t needed in this kitchen.
  • Fresh challenges every day. Each level brings new ingredients, appliances and recipes to the table, raising the difficulty level bit-by-bit.
  • Earn stars to progress through the game. Unlock new restaurants, upgrade your cooking gear to meet ever-changing cooking standards, and gain access to new character skins.

Let’s Cook Together throws another co-op cooking experience onto Xbox, and with much of the world still locked down, perhaps what we need most is to get in touch with our cultured side!

If you fancy picking up a copy of Let’s Cook Together on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One, you can do so from the Xbox Store for £10.74. Respective stores for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC are your best bets for other platforms.

Game Description:

You and your partner – aspiring chefs – find yourselves in a quite impractical commercial kitchen. It’s divided by a long serving counter, yet the products and the appliances you both need are placed on opposite sides of the room. Your job is to cooperate, cook together and serve orders of steaming, delicious food. Chop, stir and fry everything you can while throwing (at) your partner all the ingredients they need. Prove that cooking is a piece of cake as long as you do it together!

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