Creating your dream team is one of the most attractive features of the FIFA 19 esports game. But if you need help in creating a winning squad, then you should take a look at how established gamers like F2Tekkz have worked wonders in picking their sides. In this article, we will take a close look at how you can learn from the best in the business to boost your chances of winning in this awesome sports simulator.

Defensive players

The most common formation that is used in football is the strong and stable 4-4-2 formation. Getting a good goalkeeper is essential however, and we would recommend signing up the likes of a star keeper like Real Madrids Thibaut Courtois to help you keep a clean sheet. Courtois has very impressive points which include 91 for handling so you should be in safe hands here. You can get the Belgian star for around 96,000 coins and see how far your luck takes you over at

To help Courtois stave off opposing strikers, getting a good defender like Alex Sandro is essential. The Brazilian stars defensive scores are excellent with 92 points for stamina, 83 for physique, whilst his dribbling is marked at 82 points. Adding Sandro to your team should cost around 122,000 coins.

Further defensive options could include the likes of Paulo Maldini and Rio Ferdinand. Paulo Maldini is great in central defence with an average rating of 86. Just expect to pay around two million coins for this acclaimed player. The Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand, has a rating of 83 and would cost 1.2 million coins. And if you fancy another option, then check out Kyle Walker who is a snip at around 100,000 coins.

Midfield options

Patrick Viera occupies the defensive midfield position and is a great choice with an overall rating of 88. You can get this star for 2.2 million coins. Kevin De Bruyne has worked wonders for Manchester City and you can get the Belgian player for around 400,000 coins.

The Dutch legend Ruud Gullit would make a great addition to the left side of your midfield. Whilst his asking price of around 3.7 million coins isnt cheap, his ratings are enough to seriously bolster the efforts of your FIFA team.

Attacking strength

This is an area where speed is vital, and the Portuguese player Eusebio does not disappoint. With a rating of 94 for shots and 93 dribbling points, its little surprise to find that you will have to shell out around 3.2 million coins for this star.

What FIFA team wouldnt benefit from having the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo in the side? The Portuguese ace scores very highly on all levels and you can have him for around 2 million coins.

Finally, the other striker that wed recommend would be the Brazilian legend, Ronaldo. The player has everything that you need to take perfect shots, but you will need to cough up at least 4.8 million coins for to get this player in your team. So whilst its not cheap to build the ultimate FIFA team, you can have plenty of fun thinking about all of these legendary players on the same side.