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Remember E3 2013? That was when Below was first announced. Now though, some 5 and a bit years later we are finally seeing a release. And we won’t beat around the bush… Below looks to be something pretty special, particularly with a launch on Xbox Game Pass happening too.

Years in the making, Below has become a reality thanks to the team at Capabara Games, taking an idea, running with it, and ensuring that the product being delivered is the very best it can be. If anything, in a world of rushed jobs and pushed out half-products, that needs to be commended.

Below is all about exploring, surviving and discovering as you take in a mysterious isle and get to put your adventuring skills to the absolute test, navigating through an underworld that is full of deadly traps, strange creatures and, um, much more…

With a price of £19.99, or available for free to Game Pass holders, Below may not be one of those super cheap indie games that we have come to know and love on Xbox One, but one look at the art-style, and one delve into the past successes of Capabara Games – they were behind the brilliant Super Time Force – then you just know that Below is going to be a bit special.

Head on over to the Xbox Store, spend the cash required, or failing that take a visit to, and prepare to kick back with a game that promises to take you on an adventure like never before. Chances are you won’t regret it.

Game Description:

Test your adventurer mettle against The Isle’s procedural subterranean labyrinths. Explore a large, interconnected underworld crawling with cunning wildlife, deadly traps and stalked by a shadowy presence. Survive the perils of The Depths and unearth what lies below… or die trying.. BELOW is a procedural terrarium filled with life, mystery and death. Explore the vast subterranean underworld of The Isle: a dangerous, unfathomable deep. Choose your path through the randomly generated labyrinth crawling with deadly monstrosities, traps and hazardous environments. Perma-death awaits at every false step, and there are no hints to guide you… Spelunking through The Depths of BELOW is a treacherous endeavour, with death around every corner. The world is alive with flora & fauna, and there are many ways to scavenge materials and harvest ingredients to create life-saving remedies or useful survival tools… What lies below? Only the bravest wanderers will find out. The Depths are filled with secrets and danger. BELOW embraces the idea that players enjoy discovering secret areas, finding hidden passageways and unravelling the deepest mysteries hidden in the darkness…

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