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It’s been a little while since free-to-play RPG Path of Exile received the Heist expansion, but now the most challenging major update to date has arrived. As of today, the Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas expansion on Xbox and PlayStation delivers new end-game content, more skills, a fresh challenge, an intriguing boss known only as The Maven. 

The Maven is looking forward to your suffering in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas, which hopes to truly put you through your paces due to its many challenges. This new foe watches on as players fight for survival against the Atlas’ most fearsome enemies. Anyone managing to slay three map bosses in her presence earns a summons to her realm, where she will request they defeat these bosses simultaneously. Not satisfied with such a feat, the sadistic new character wants said player to then defeat four bosses, before proposing five bosses, and so on. It’s only upon claiming victory over ten at the same time, that The Maven will finally challenge combatants herself. How utterly brutal!

You’ll certainly wish to prove your worth though, taking control of your Atlas by unlocking  regional passive trees. Whatever you encounter, along with the rewards received, will be augmented while exploring various regions you see. In regards to the end-game rewards, well, these include three types of Craftable Watchstones that allow upgrades to the Atlas as well as the ability to boost rewards found from maps. The benefits are stackable for the new Craftable Watchstones, making them far superior to regular Watchstones. There’s also The Maven’s Orb, which is able to randomly upgrade items that have two or more influence modifiers. Be careful though, because while one of these influence modifiers will be upgraded, the others will be removed. In total, Echoes of the Atlas introduces 13 new unique items and a number of Divination Cards.

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Furthermore, a new challenge league, Ritual League, looks to pit folks against a tough combination of the Ritual Altar’s arcane powers and escalating waves of monsters while enclosed within a Ritual Circle. Overcoming rituals will lead to great rewards and more difficult enemies, with Tribute earned which can be spent on all sorts of items and rewards. And finally, the features of Harvest and Heist are being rolled into the core of Path of Exile, with some improvements.

Be sure to check them out in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas, and maybe test yourself against The Maven, next time you dive in on Xbox or PlayStation!


  1. Thank god, eventually, I can play this game on my newly purchased PlayStation 5. And I can not wait to defeat The Maven and get as many rewards as possible. You even do not know, since my computer is outdated, and I found myself getting in Path of Exile 3.13: Echoes Of The Atlas so difficult, and luckily, now I can start my adventure in Wraeclast. Anyone with me?


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