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Don’t you just hate an untidy house? We certainly do, and so the opportunity provided by Roombo: First Blood to control a robotic vacuum cleaner in order to do a spot of tidying up is enticing. Oh, it’s worth mentioning the fact you’ll have to effectively murder any home invaders that you happen to stumble across too. Things are about to get messy on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One!

Roombo: First Blood is a comedic, top-down, stealthy action game and the latest title from the folks over at Samurai Punk – who you may remember delivering the unique party experience of Screencheat back in 2016. You’ll take on the role of a robot vacuum cleaner trying to protect the family home as burglars attempt to invade it. In order to do so, prepare to hack into smart-home gadgets like lights, doors and various appliances to set up traps. Improvising weapons from the objects found around the house is also a viable option.

The vacuum itself can cause harm too, by lying in wait and then ramming into the intruders, knocking them off of their feet, before munching on their fallen bodies. Ensure you don’t stain the carpets with too much enemy blood though, because the house needs to be nice and clean for when the family arrives home. 

Roombo: First Blood only has one environment to protect, however there are six different scenarios of varying difficulty to tackle. The price reflects this at least, costing just £4.19 over on the Xbox Store to add it to your gaming library. Leave a comment below and let us know if you’ll be cleaning up crime anytime soon.

Game Description:

Hack smart-home gadgets like lights, doors and various appliances to set up traps, or improvise weapons from objects around the house. Hide under furniture, set your trajectory and plow into your enemies, knocking them over with such force that they go flying, then munch them up when they’re down. But make sure you don’t leave too much blood on the carpet, because you’ll need to make sure the house is clean before the family gets home. Only you can save Christmas and show these burglars that justice sucks. This is a short experimental game featuring 6 difficulty scenarios set in one stage and an unlockable gallery of concept art.

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