How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered xbox

We’re getting a bit spoilt for choice nowadays in regards to visual novels, with Ratalaika Games recently launching the likes of Vera Blanc: Ghost in the Castle and Autumn’s Journey. On this occasion they’ve teamed up with developers ROSEVERTE to release a fantasy tale about the metaphorical masks people wear in daily life. What truths will you uncover in How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

The narrative of How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered is centred on a seemingly ordinary girl named Lilia who works in a bakery. That is until, one day, she awakens to find that her body has shrunk and had grown a pair of cat ears as well as a tail – essentially turning into a half-cat/half-human being known as a Luccretia. In a panic, Lilia runs off into the town of Leezera and bumps into a guard, who just so happens to be her closest childhood friend, Ronan. They’ve always seen each other as like a brother or sister, but these alternate personas, or masks they wear, could open their eyes to be viewed in a different way. Maybe even as more than friends…

While you may not yet know what’s beneath these masks, you can be sure that you’re in for a cute visual novel with anime style artwork. Although it features Japanese voice acting throughout, fear not because the text-based dialogue is in English. So you won’t miss out on any of the storytelling.

Should you wish to find out which of these two protagonists takes off their mask to reveal their true self first, How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered is now available on the respective digital stores for the aforementioned platforms. For us, the Xbox Store is the place to be, where you can purchase it at a cost of £14.99. 

Let us know whether you’ll be picking up How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered by leaving a comment below!

Game Description:

Lilia is just an ordinary girl who works in a bakery. She spends every day happily with her childhood friend, Ronan. One day Lilia finds her body has shrunk. Moreover, she has grown cat ears and a tail?! She panics, jumps out through her room’s window, and runs towards the town. And the first person she bumps into is the city guard, Ronan. One day you discover the other side of your partner you had never known. What is the truth beneath the masks? Each of them has secrets. The mask of “Big Sis” and “Luccretia Girl” she wears. The mask of “Lil Bro” and “City Guard” he wears. Which one of them will be taken off first?

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