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Deponia first released way back in 2012, with Daedalic Entertainment pushing the point and click genre to new levels. Since that time, a whole series has emerged, with releases of Goodbye Deponia, Chaos on Deponia and Deponia Doomsday launching on Xbox One in a bit of a scattergun fashion. Today though we finally see the game that kicked it all off hit Xbox One, with a standalone release of the original Deponia.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Deponia sees us given the chance to take in the love story of Rufus and Goal, as the world around them slowly turns into a garbage dump, and we are left to ensure that boy meets girl and Rufus is able to win the heart and mind of the girl of his dreams. See, it is only with her in tow will he ever stand a chance of escaping the madness of Deponia and being able to save the planet from utter destruction.

Running as a point and clicker from a company that has previously been hit with a ‘Lucasarts from Germany’ tag, Deponia on Xbox One will most certainly be found appealing to a wide range of player – whether they like a good story, prefer to kick back with a comedic adventure, or just wish to involved themselves in something a little different to the norm.

Priced at £16.74, it’s pretty damn tempting too, and with the arrival of the original Deponia now here, it finally gives reason to jumping on in with the future titles too – Chaos on Deponia, Goodbye Deponia and Deponia Doomsday – each of which can be obtained individually.

Further to that, the Deponia Collection is also available on Xbox One and this brings together all four titles in one easy to handle bundle. With a price of £33.49 attached, you’re basically getting full access to the whole Deponia saga but at half the price of purchasing everything separately.

So, to get involved, get over to the Xbox Store and nab yourself a download. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve been tempted.

Game Description:

Daedalic Entertainment, once called “Lucasarts from Germany“ by the GameStar magazine, invites the players into a fantastic comedy adventure that revolves around a crazy love story of Rufus and Goal. In Deponia, the world has degenerated into a vast garbage dump, in which the crotchety Rufus ekes out his sorry existence. He is part of the lowest social class, doomed to live his life in literal mountains of trash. He hopes for an opportunity to get into the world of the rich, who live in a floating city high above the clouds. Fate seems to smile on the snotty good-for-nothing when one day the attractive lady named Goal from the higher sector plummets into one of the trash heaps. Rufus decides to help the young woman out by taking her back to her husband. When he notices that Goal’s husband is a dead ringer for himself, he hatches a diabolical scheme to gain access to the upper world. However, things don’t work out quite as planned, since he has feelings for the beauty which limits his usual unscrupulousness. Help Rufus, the poor boy from the junkyard, to win over the girl from heaven. Only with this rich girl from his dreams he might be able to escape Deponia and, unexpectedly, to save the planet.

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