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It’s not the first time a game has allowed us to delve into the minds of insects; only a few months ago, the surreal Metamorphosis turned you into one such creature. Now though, there’s a buzz regarding the newly released Life of Fly, which has landed on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. So, prepare to discover what goes on in the lives of flies as you actually get to become them.

Developed by EpiXR Games, Life of Fly is a relaxing flight-based game with an interesting narrative ensuring that it’s like no other. You’ll literally take over the role of a fly and navigate various environments as you go about collecting its thoughts. Expect to venture through derelict looking warehouses, a rather luxurious bedroom, a Christmas themed lounge, and more. 

There are 12 short stories to experience and each revolves around a different fly, uncovering their thoughts and providing a glimpse into their lives. It’s truly bizarre, but should be fairly interesting on a meta-level, witnessing each fly talk about its life, of some things that have happened to them, and even mentioning the almost philosophical thoughts they’ve had. There are plot twists too, which make it additionally entertaining. 

Could a game be any more unusual than this? Probably not. Should the premise of Life of Fly entice you in for a purchase, it’s available for £12.49 on the Xbox Store. We’ll also have a review for your perusal in the near future to ensure you make an informed purchasing decision. 

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Game Description:

Life of Fly features 12 short stories each revolving around the life and thoughts of another fly. It is an interesting yet relaxing narrative flight game like no other. You jump into the role of a little fly which is collecting it thought while exploring its own living environment. The most interesting content of the game is on a meta-level where each fly talks about its life, about some things that happened to them, and about some almost philosophical thoughts they had. Be prepared to experience some very unusual content, some interesting thoughts that go way beyond the normal life of a fly, and some entertaining short stories with a twist.

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