Ever since the After Hours update hit GTA Online a few weeks ago, the world of Los Santos has moved up a notch, with new DJs, new vehicles and new freebies coming the way of all players. And now even more goodies have arrived.

The nightlife takeover of After Hours continues and now we see Berlin’s award winning DJ, Dixon, become available for booking, whilst the Los Santos Underground Radio airwaves continue to be filled, this time with an exclusive mix from last weeks DJ phenomenom, Tales of Us. What’s more, if you’re looking to hit the club in your very best gear, then a new free tee has become available to all those who log in between now and the 13th August 2018.

Should you not be bothered about what happens when the sun goes down though, and prefer to show off in the skies, then you’ll be treated to some proper fancy goods with the arrival of the B-11 Strikeforce aircraft. It’s available right now from Warstock Cache & Carry, coming complete with not just live-combat autopilot, but a huge on-board cannon for good measure.

Further freebies can be grabbed by Guest List members too and these consist of the Sessanta Nove Multi-Color and Pink & Green Camo Liveries for the HVY Nightshark & Ubermacht Revolter. You’ll be able to get hold of those by visiting your Weaponized Vehicle Workshops, whilst those taking a trip to Legendart Motorsport and Warstock Cache & Carry will also be able to add the Nightshark and Revolter to your vehicle fleets for no extra cost.

If you feel the need to pay for something in the land of GTA Online, then yet again there are a ton of discounts available for you to spend money on. In fact, there is now 25% off all of the following…

  • Hangers, Hanger Workshoop & Renovations
  • Executive Offices, Garages & Renovations
  • Executive Office Custom Auto Shop
  • Biker Clubhouses & Renovations
  • Biker Clubhouse Custom Bike Shop
  • Biker Businesses
  • Bunkers & Renovations
  • Nagasaki Buzzard
  • Nagasaki Havok
  • Sea Sparrow

Will you be heading back to GTA Online this week? What in particular takes your fancy? Let us know in the comments.

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