There’s a new action RPG on its way. Want to check out the first screenshots of Vampyr?

When DONTNOD create a game, the whole world needs to sit up and listen. Vampyr is set in London, 1918 and promises to bring us a unique, deeply immersive action role-playing experience steeped in vampire mythology, with a strong narrative. It’ll be arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC at some point in 2017.

Today, they have released the first screenshots showcasing the game world. With Spanish flu laying waste to London’s population, each and every character in the game comes with his or her own unique back-story, threatening to affect the world in many ways. You’ll need to choose who to hunt as every death will affect the world around you. With a world rich for exploration, you’ll quickly find that seduction will only get you so far before you need to start getting involved with the dynamic, melee focused real time combat. Blending melee combat with supernatural vampire powers, you’ll need to find and loot materials and components from the fresh corpses of your victims in order to craft and improve tools, melee and ranged weapons, as well as special ammunitions as you search for your enemies weaknesses.

Feeding on human blood will not just keep you “alive”, it will also unlock new vampiric powers to use. As a Doctor, and a Vampyr who used to be human, you may also choose to heal your potential prey, crafting medicines from items collected in the game world.

It all sounds very intriguing and the screenshots look lovely. We will of course bring you more regarding Vampyr as and when we have it as with DONTNOD behind it, chances are you won’t want to miss this one.



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