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We may now see Techland putting much of their focus on the continued development process behind Dying Light 2, but should you still be enjoying the original game which proved to be the catalyst behind the franchise moving forward, the addition of new gear, and new weaponry, will be something to delight. And that is exactly what we are seeing today as the Dying Light Rais Elite Bundle comes to light.

Available to purchase and download into your game, the Dying Light Rais Elite Bundle has been inspired by the baddest of them all, Rais and his gang. Priced up at just £2.39, this cheap content pack provides plenty of opportunity for Dying Light survivors to mix up their game a little, with new outfits, skins and weapon blueprints.

As part of Rais’ elite squad, the new character outfit will see you blending in perfectly, with a camo-inspired yellow tint ensuring that you will stand out from the crowd. A new paint job for your buggy is in place too – provided you have the Dying Light: The Following Expansion Pack – and this comes with the same unique design point.

Also thrown in are three new weapon blueprints, with the up close and personal attacks sorted by a new knife – the Lupus – while the Pup is a pistol that loves a headshot, and the Alpha provides the assault rifle angle… just one with a larger than usual magazine.

Should you be at one with Dying Light, or are just looking to see what the fuss is about before the sequel arrives, then picking up the Dying Light Rais Elite Bundle should be considered. It’s not going to change your game up a ton, but that yellow colour scheme is an absolute stunner – and for that reason a cheap purchase should really be yours.

Get yourself over to the usual digital stores and grab it right now. The Xbox Store is our preferred store of choice.

DLC Description:

‘In the world where a man is a wolf to another man, your best chance at survival is to be the biggest, baddest beast of them all. Become the leader of the pack with this bundle inspired by Rais’ gang. Enjoy a new character outfit, a new buggy paint job (Savage Beast), and three new weapons – Lupus (a deadly knife), Alpha (an assault rifle with extended magazine), and Pup (a pistol with a massive bite on headshots). Everything’s flamboyantly painted yellow – not exactly an effective camo, but you don’t need to skulk around in the bushes, right? You’re Rais’ elite, let everyone see you! Please note, buggy paint job requires Dying Light: The Following expansion pack.

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