one hell of a ride

When the developers (Petrodiy-Games and ChiliDog Interactive) admit that this title should have been called ‘Heavy Metal Racing’, it’s quite clear just exactly what you are getting into with One Hell of a Ride.

Releasing onto Xbox consoles, with a Switch release in the coming days, One Hell of a Ride throws it back to the good old days, where you couldn’t go two paces without coming across a new arcade racer. The game especially harkens back to the likes of Carmageddon and Twisted Metal, with the weapons of mass destruction, drifting and no-nonsense attitude that retro gamers had become accustomed to. 

Coming in at the rather decent price point of £5.79, there’s really no reason not to get stuck in to this faithful recreation of such titles past: One Hell of a Ride is simply action-packed all the way to the finish line, as you select from a multitude of tracks, take your car down to the start line, and do whatever it takes to ensure you are the first across the finish. 

And ‘whatever it takes’ is literally that. One Hell of a Ride doesn’t care if your foes must be obliterated if it means you take home the trophy – rocket launchers, nitro boosters and the like will take care of smashing your opponents off the track and into a fiery inferno on the side of the road.

With a suitably heavy metal soundtrack and retro 3D graphics to boot, you can be sure that One Hell of a Ride will bring a smile to both veterans and newcomers of the arcade racing scene. The game is now available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One – just pick up a copy for £5.79 from the Xbox Store. The 30th September is the date you Switch fans require. 

Keep an eye out for our review very soon. 

Game Description:

Action-packed, arcade and explosive racing game — this is the best description for One Hell of a Ride. Are there any better candidates to fill the boots of such memorable titles, as Carm… ahem… Twiste… ahem… Well, you know these games without any hints from us. The point is, One Hell of a Ride will give you the same old feeling like other arcade racing games from the past used to. We should have called it Heavy Metal Racing, frankly speaking. One Hell of a Ride includes one hell of a heavy metal soundtrack, cars with mounted rocket launchers and nitro boosters, the option to smash, crash and destruct your enemies on your way to the finish line! Retro graphics, affordable price and magnificent explosions on the death-ridden tracks — you know you want it!

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