It was roughly a year ago when Mad Fellows thrust their musical masterpiece, Aaero, to the unsuspected public, delivering a game that wowed many a gamer by combining a stunning soundtrack, bright and beautiful visuals and a whole ton of replayability into one super neat package. Now though, it’s time to mix things up a little more by getting involved with the Aaero Ship Pack.

Not strictly brand new – as you’ve been able to purchase the extra Ship Skins individually for a few months already – but the Aaero Ship Pack on Xbox One brings together three different ship types to enable you to push your Aaero ribbon tracing to the next level, allowing you to utilise the likes of the Phaser, Sol and Comet ships as you push ever harder for those leaderboards places.

With them usually coming in at £0.79 per ship, the Aaero Ship Pack ensures that you are able to save on the usual single purchases and get access to all three ships for just £1.99.

If you need a reason to head back to Aaero, then this is it! But if we’re honest, the game is so good, you should be playing it on a fairly regular basis as it is. Make sure you hit up our full review in order to get the lowdown on all the good bits.

DLC Description:

Get the Comet, Sol and Phaser ship skins for Aaero.

Aaero Review

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